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Donan Mobile allows users to access a convenient and easy-to-use set of digital tools to support their accurate and thorough documentation of conditions during field inspections.  Users can compile, save and send investigation notes from their mobile device, and access features such as SubroScore, Donan’s proprietary digital resource for identifying subrogation potential in the field in real time.

The Donan Mobile app gives adjusters and claims handlers access to essential resources for more thorough, precise, and efficient field inspections.



 ToolboxToolbox Icon-01

Take photos and measurements at the same time with camera-enabled instrumentation

– Pitch gauge

– Multi-directional level

– Directional compass

– Ruler


SubroScore Icon-01 SubroScore

Identifies subrogation potential in the field in real time


Roof Guide Icon-01 Roof Guide

Easily search for reference images and do side-by-side comparisons


Submt a Project Icon-01 Submit a Project

Submit projects for all service lines quickly and easily from your mobile device