When Water Filters Fail: Installation Error or Defect?

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Donan’s Component Testing Laboratory (CTL) studies numerous water filters that have failed and resulted in a water loss. One typical water filter received is a nominal 10-inch style with a canister and head assembly component (Figure 1).  These components are constructed of plastics and are intended to be installed with a filter cartridge designed to remove tastes and odors from …


DONAN’s Component Testing Lab Expands!

Service Line Snapshot General Manager: David B. Riggs, PE, CFEI Total Staff: 22 (14 engineers, 3 warehouse technicians, 5 administrative) Location: Louisville, KY (ship all evidence to the Donan Component Testing Lab at 2101 Production Drive, Louisville, KY 40299) Total Square Feet: 70,000 (15,000 laboratory/office and 55,000 warehouse) Over the course of 2013, Donan saw an increase in the number …


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What to Know About Water Losses Associated with Failed Metal Plumbing Components, by David B. Riggs, P.E., describes the use of flux in soldering copper pipes, the corrosion and cracking that can occur and the subrogation potential that may result. Donan is committed to providing high-quality information to our clients and partners. Click the icon at right to download the …