Tracing the Cause & Origin

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Why these two terms must be explicitly addressed in forensic investigation Most forensic investigation projects include a scope to determine the cause of some damage or condition.  Project scopes often request determining the cause and origin of the damage.  Since insurance policies contain descriptions of covered and non-covered situations, clearly specifying causes and origins is crucial for clients’ coverage decisions.  This …


Tales from the Field

  Strange Encounters in a Crawlspace, Part 1: Pet Patrol This is the first installment in a new monthly segment that will appear in Donan’s eNews. This feature will put some fun and entertainment into forensics. We hope you enjoy! If you do not currently receive our monthly eNews, sign up here!   Standing Guard Over the Roost By Craig …


Summer Sweats – Window Condensation

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Window condensation is usually a wintertime situation that occurs when outside temperatures are low.  But condensation on windows can also happen during the summer.  The condensation usually happens when replacement windows have recently been installed, or on a house with energy-efficient windows.  The worry is that something must be wrong with the windows.  In reality, the condensation is an indication …


Summer Sweats – Condensation on Ductwork

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Summertime rolls around and people start seeing condensation on ductwork. Their first thought is that something is wrong with their air conditioner. Actually, sweating ducts have several causes. Very few are attributable to defective air conditioners. Condensation occurs when air is cooled below its dew point temperature. The study of air containing moisture (or plain old air as we know …