Seasonal Maintenance Can Prevent These Common HVAC Failures

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As the days get shorter and temperatures turn milder, most HVAC systems are taking a well-earned vacation. For a short while, a cool breeze through open windows will be enough to keep us comfortable in our homes.  But soon, homeowners will switch their thermostats from cooling mode to heating mode, and some of them will unfortunately discover their HVAC system …


Understanding How Hail Damage Affects Commercial HVAC Units

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There are many types, manufacturers, and sizes of commercial HVAC systems which can make it difficult to create general guidelines for repair procedures and estimates for hail-damaged units. This guide uses the most common “light commercial” rooftop units (RTUs), which are 5-tons, 7.5-tons, and 10-tons in capacity, for estimating time to repair or replace. Defining Hail Damage to an RTU …


Compressor Failure in HVAC Systems

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Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems consist of several components that work in unison to create the desired comfort level for our homes and offices.  A well- maintained system is designed to last about 15 years, but the life of the system can be dramatically reduced when proper installation procedures and routine maintenance are not followed. System Components The …


HVAC Red Flags article in Claims Management

Curtis VanNess, Field Operations Manager for Donan’s HVAC Forensics, discusses common red flags in HVAC claims in an article published in February’s Claims Management Magazine. In the article, “A Blast of Hot Air,” VanNess addresses misconceptions commonly uncovered during HVAC investigations: Red Flag #1: Estimates That Only Provide Replacement Costs Red Flag #2: Matching SEERs of the Interior and Exterior Units Red Flag …