White Paper Release

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Functional vs. Non-Functional Hail Damage to Cedar Roofing Products by E. Brian Webb, P.E., C.M.I. Donan is committed to providing high-quality information to our clients and partners. Click the icon at right to download the white paper free of charge. In this concise and readable piece, Webb describes the difference between the various types of distress that can occur to …


Severe Storms Impact Austin & Houston

Severe storms moved across South Central Texas on April 2 and 3, 2013. Scattered thunderstorms developed quickly in the Hill County area. A subset of those storms increased in severity and moved southeast. The strongest cell moved across eastern Llano County, along the southern edge of Burnet County and into far western Travis County. NOAA reports referenced hail up to …


Scaling on Concrete Driveways

DonanEngineering Forensic Engineering, Winter Storm

“Hail has damaged my concrete driveway!” How many times have you heard this claim? A homeowner whose house has experienced a recent severe hailstorm starts to notice things they never noticed before around their house. Chips of concrete from a fraction of an inch to several inches across and ⅛-inch to ¼-inch thick are sure to catch a homeowner’s attention …