Agriculture Fires – A New Threat

DonanEngineering Fire Investigation, Residential & Commercial Structure Fires

For many years, the fire investigation industry has seen numerous fires involving livestock buildings.  These fires are often high profile, especially when masses of animals are lost or injured.  Many times these losses are in older structures with neglected electrical and/or heating systems.  Given the interior environment, corrosion and degradation to electrical and heating components are common.  Today, we are …


Fire Protection Systems: Keep Them Working

DonanEngineering Commercial & Residential Roofing, Fire Investigation, Residential & Commercial Structure Fires

Automatic fire suppression systems are by far the most effective and safest means of preventing extensive fire damage and saving lives.  This discussion will touch on automatic sprinkler systems (building systems) and kitchen hood suppression systems. These systems range from very simple to extremely complex. Structural sprinkler systems may protect a single room or an entire complex of well over …


Temperatures Drop, the Heat Rises: Fire Season Outlook

As temperatures drop and Americans gear up for winter, there are some increased fire dangers that many overlook in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. If winter fire risks conjure images of charred Christmas trees or an illuminated Santa Claus and reindeer bursting into flames, you’d be missing some of the more subtle, but more common dangers. Donan’s fire experts share …