The Eyebrow Arch: Style over Stability?

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In the last couple of decades, architects and builders have started an architectural fad in residential construction: the eyebrow arch.  Such arches are commonly installed in homes with masonry veneers.  Eyebrow arches are graceful, stylish, appealing, and inherently unstable. The aqueducts built by the Romans have classic arches shaped like the top half of a circle.  They can be supported …


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Decking/Sheathing Case Study

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Code Compliant, Warranty Void In a recent assignment from an insurer, the instructions started with: “[We] have determined the roof is a total loss due to hail damage and we have written an estimate to replace the roof.” However, the contractor countered, as described here by the insurance company: The roof decking is 1″ x 8″ (1×8) planks. The insured’s …